The Three Strategic Types of Investing: Passive Investing, Active Investing and Creative Investing

There are many different types of investment that are utilized to invest in a managed fund where fund managers make a wide range of investment decisions. But it is most important and difficult to take the decision that which form of investing or which combination of investing will best suit to the business.

The Three strategic Types of Investing:

  • Passive Investing
  • Active Investing
  • Creative Investing

Passive Investing

Passive Investing is defined as when the investment decision making is put into the hands of an expert investment manager that can be very helpful for a new entrepreneur that he can be successful in the business without having any expertise.

Active Investing

On the contradictory of Passive Investing, Active Investing is a kind in which the investors take an active role in managing the investment.

The advantages of active investing is very opposite to the passive investing, in this form on investing investor can control over the investment.

Creative Investing

Creative Investing is completely different from passive investing and active investing that requires a lot of skill and experience which can create huge profits by being able.

The advantages of creative investing are that it has the highest profit potential and the highest degree of control and flexibility.